Dr. Buzády Csongor, official translator

The official translations will be done by dr. Csongor Buzády. Mr. Buzády graduated with the German "Abitur" in the year 1995 at the Maximiliansgymnasium in Munich. Afterwards, he studied law at the Loránd Eötvös Univerity of Budapest (ELTE). In the year 2000, he moved to Berlin for one year in order to gain the post-graduate LLM degree of law at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Since 2001, he has been working as a Hungarian lawyer trainee and lawyer, respectively. Throughout this work, he has achieved high experience regarding the translation of legal documents.
In the year 2006 Mr. Buzády passed the exam for the German-Hungarian legal translator at the ELTE University with honours. Since 2007 he has also been a legal translator for English.

Tamás Csobay-Novák, corporate translator

A graduate of the University of Lincoln (UK), Tamás Csobay-Novák has a track record of working in a multinational setting. After graduating he joined PEOPLink.org, a pioneer nonprofit promoting fair trade in Washington, D.C. His nonprofit work later took him to Brazil to volunteer for a rainforest NGO, where he helped formulate a US-style fundraising plan. After being offered an assignment at FAE Business School, he worked as an English lecturer at one of Brazil's most prestigious business college. Following brief stints with multinational companies he returned to his native Hungary to use his international experience and English-language expertise as a corporate translator and as an advisor to NGOs
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